Terror in the Skies!!!!

Here at the Long home, you don’t have to leave the ground to experience the fright of flight.  Ask our grand-dog, Minnie.  She’s terrorized by it.  Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself.  Let me back up the train…..or helicopter in this case.

After Thanksgiving, I opened one of my favorite money-saving emails from the Krazy Coupon Lady.  The Deal of the Day promised I could get remote controlled helicopters at an amazing savings.  I immediately knew I could clinch the title of “Mom and Mother-in-Law of the Year” in one fatal blow.  I placed 2 in my cart and could not wait for them to arrive.

Christmas Eve we timed it so Cole (19) and Karsten (25) would open them at the same time.  Both were hanging off the ceiling when they saw what they were.  Karsten told a story that since he had  drawn Cole’s name, he considered buying him one, but Rain-on-the-Parade Robin shot down that plan with “oh I don’t really think Cole would be into something like that.”  Karsten was shocked, but tabled the gift.  Thank goodness for Robin’s craftiness, as she was in my back pocket.

As soon as we could rustle up 12 AA batteries out of various remotes and cameras, Maverick and Goose were in the air.  Cole’s style was to go for all-it was worth the crash either in the ceiling or dive bomb the floor.  Karsten with his percussionist fine motor skills was more refined and could have probably landed it on a dime.  Before long Miss Minnie was a target and they chased her through the house.  Poor puppy!  Cole used Cliff’s head as a take off heli-pad on several occasions.  I now regret not snapping a picture, but no batteries.

Christmas night Seth (20) came over to play games.  His eyes lit up with the air show that was taking place around him.  Immediately the Christmas money he had received started burning a hole in his pocket.  (I’m telling you, I am amazed he didn’t start our house on fire. )  By the next morning, Facebook announced that Seth had gone online, and one was in transit to his dorm, even as I read his post.  I’m pondering if I should I send a warning to Friends University??

Cliff waited patiently until Karsten and Robin had left to go back home to Emporia.  Cole and his sweetie had journeyed off for their Christmas ‘date’ to Pratt.  Things were quieting down, so I picked up a pile of Christmas letters and newspaper articles to relax with.  Suddenly my hair started moving and cool air started blowing in my face.  I look up to be face to face with the Syma S107 Mini Helicopter with Gyroscope.  It’s alternating red and blue lights stared me in the face as it hovered menacingly.   If there had been mini machine guns , I would have been a goner.  The creep factor was high.   Later I had a flashlight out and trying to look down Casey’s throat to see if any green critters  had decided to reside on her tonsils.  Not to be outdone, here came the Eagle Med copter to help just in case the tonsilitis had gotten out of control.   After a time at the recharge station, Misty was intently loading pictures on the laptop, when the crafty copter edged around the Christmas tree.   It zoomed into her air space and we experienced ‘Black Hawk Down’ in no uncertain terms.  Or maybe more like a scene from a scene from King Kong.

Needless to say, but going to say it anyway, after I get off of here, my next job is to order one more for the biggest and oldest kid in the house and newly ordained ‘flyboy’.  Captain Cliff of the Air Patrol  you definilty keep our lives exciting!


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