One of my favorite cartoon sketches is one that deals with New Years.  Calvin and Hobbs are on a walk.  Hobbs asks Calvin what his New Years Resolution is going to be.  Calvin says very seriously after much thought, “Well, this year I have resolved to just wing it.”

How I love it, and the temptation that goes with it!  After years and years of failed attempts, doesn’t everyone want to throw their hands in the air and just ‘wing it?”   Just ride the surf on the tides of life.

While that sounds divine, and I know that every day is a new day and a new start in Christ, I still need a starting point ever so often.  A conscious get-on-your-mark-get-set-go of sorts.  So today I ponder all those failed solid-steel resolutions to put away some bad habit or start a new life-changing step in the right direction that no one or nothing can stand in my way.  No way. No how. Not ever.  I would vow to get up before the butt-crack of dawn (a Cliff-ism) and  I would feel the burn of muscles being toned with dedicated exercise no matter what weather force may come against me.  I would spend hours in intense bible study and rattle the heavens with huge chunks of time in prayer.  Nary a cent or a second be mispent in my new and perfect world.  And, that would last until maybe the next day….if I was lucky.  Some would survive a few weeks. If things were really rolling I would make it to Leviticus with my Read Thru The Bible in a year program.  Nevertheless, I would get to bed a little too late to bound out from under the warm covers the next morning, the same way my bank balance would never seemed to jump any higher than EEEEEKKKK!.  Argghhhhh!!!!  Why do I set myself up for this every time?

But, wait!  As I look back, through beating my head against a wall on a yearly basis, I have improved from where I once was.  Through the years I have fallen in love with the magic of the Bible.  I actual spend time with God instead of the day being gone and me totally forgetting to check in.   Prayer may not always be in a chunk, but more of an unending conversation.  When did this transformation happen?  I guess it has kind of snuck up on me while I was beating myself up.  I may not be Leslie Sansone yet, but I am better physically and we don’t fry absolutely EVERYTHING in every food group.    Money and time management may always be a challenge, but it’s not as undaunting as it has been.   The intentionality is the key.  The ongoing failed attempts are part of a refining process that is God’s job.  Mine is to try my best and depend on Him.

So this year I have some intentional things to work on, but I’m not going to beat up on myself if something goes ary.  After all on this side of heaven, I am going to embrace the process of being a ‘masterpiece in the works.”

Have a happy and blessed New Year from the Long Family!


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