The Lunch Date

I believe one of the great mysteries of the universe is this: how does time get so away from you so fast that a friend, who lives less than 2 miles from you and was in the very grain of your life, is now sitting down to lunch with you for the first time in an unimaginable amount of years?  Such was the lunch date today.

It  happened so subtly.  Norma and I had been 2 of 4 friends that dubbed ourselves “The Wild Angels” years ago.  We had a friendship of support, adventure, faith, and passion for life.  So what if a few good-natured incidents that leaned on the ornery side caught up with us, we were always there for each other.  Life came and changed the landscape of  all our lives.   Norma became a grandma of masses.  In fact we should put an ‘h’ on the end of her name like Sarai/Sarah in the Bible which adds the meaning “of the multitudes’.  More responsibility with her family business and being an empty nester took her from the bleachers and bible studies that we had frequented together.   Our kids weren’t in the same things together anymore, so our paths just didn’t cross.  The pew where we would make cards from 1-10 to flash the preacher on how his sermon rated was no longer ‘our’ pew.  I ended up taking care of my mom and having other things pull me in different directions as well.   Before long time had marched on without us.

Then we became Facebook friends.  Little clues about each other started penetrating through the busyness and the habit of just not being around each other.  A random post one of us made opened the door for us to have lunch.  Something so simple ended of in a time of giggles and remembering how much we liked each other.  The time missed vaporized as if the chasm of years never existed. The waitress kept asking us if we needed more to drink, which should have been a clue that 2 1/2 hours had passed.  We promised to not go this long without the other one in our worlds.

I’m finding I am reconnecting a lot lately with past friendships.  I guess it is the season of my life.  Whatever the reason, I like it and I need it.  May it the words of Michael W. Smith (and Tom Walters) always be true: “Friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the lord of them.”

Now to saddle up the other 2 so the Wild Angels can ride again-and drag a whole bunch of friends with us this time!   Maybe we can find a good-natured incident that leans on the ornery side to catch up with us.  (wink-wink!)


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