Heavens Sakes!

Today started with a laugh that turned into a thought-provoking day.  The Early Show had a segment on the breaking news that the horoscope chart which has been around for—-well, eons is wrong.  Something about the earth has wobbled and thrown everything off.   What was once considered 12 real deal signs is now 13.  I just had to giggle at the conversation of the anchors of the show for it was causing much mayhem.

No, I am not a believer in any of it.  Yes, in Jr. High I used to look up in Teen Magazine if my true love would find me under the Libra sign, but since Prince Charming was probably reading Wheels for You, he missed his cosmic opportunity to show up on my doorstep.  Later, I learned that God had put up a ‘not a thing you need to concern yourself” ban on them, I haven’t paid much mind to it and prefer to put my trust in Him and not his creation.  Today he made good on the scripture that says “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the wise?” (1 Cor 1:20)    It opened up to me God’s great sense of humor when it comes to unveiling things that aren’t of Him.  Since God gave me a wild imagination, let me give you a few examples.

I guess I am a Libra as was my mom and my eldest daughter, Robin.   Today we were catapulted into Virgo-land.  Being ignorant in this, I googled what we are to be like personality wise.  Of course we all 3 have ‘charming manners’ and a ‘delightful elegance“.  We ‘love to debate and smile while doing so.”  My husband immediately disagreed as he sees my ‘debating‘  as way more passionate with usually a raised voice, the gnashing of teeth and lazer beams burning from my eyes.  “Ditto” would be the opinion of my son-in-law with his beloved as well.  We ‘can’t stand sloppy surrounding and loves luxury.”  Oh my!  Failed on that first point as we live pretty fast paced lives, but who doesn’t love the second point?   Since we are no longer Libras, is there a way to keep the ‘charm‘ and ‘elegance’ as a consolation prize as we move into Virgo-land?

The new us!  We are now ones ‘who aren’t talkative at all“.  Oh pluleeze…..really?  Does the stars not know that we are from a long line of chatterboxes?  There is yet an invention created to shut us up.  It is in our gene pool and I have told every family secret ever on the radio airwaves that covers all of south central Kansas and northern Oklahoma!  To add to this, we would ‘stand away from a crowd and not be involved.’   Virgo had better be planning a personality transplant on us Scarlett O’Haras at the Wilkes Barbeque.   When I say ‘all’, it is ALL of the family and not just the Libra/Virgos.  The ‘so conscious of looks that one stands in front of the mirror for hours’ is out the window too.  We have too much of life to live to not ditch the make-up and wear paint speckled sweat pants with flip-flops.  We also ‘hate procrastination’.  Tell that to Robin, who 27 years ago was two weeks overdue.  Honestly, she isn’t so guilty of this now, but I’ll snap it up for the sake of argument.

If we are under the same mystic force, why are the three of us so different?  Robin is ultra organized and disciplined.  She could whip everyone in the Middle East in shape in 5 minutes.  They’d be marching in little lines and all would be right with the world.  I am the total opposite.  More of a ‘don’t sweat the small stuff” and ‘it’s all good, baby!” person.  My mom doesn’t even have to worry about either anymore.  She is a lady of leisure and is in a world of contentment all the time.  In fact, today I was sitting with her at the nursing home and popped on her this new discovery.  I said “Well, for 70 years you were a Libra and now you are a Virgo.”  She looked at me like “what galaxy did you come from” and went back to eating her coconut cream pie.  This breaking news is not going to affect her life in the least.

My imagination peaked.  My brother falls in the ‘new sign’ category.  Since Clay was born Dec 17th, he is now some new name that has a guy with a giant snake as the symbol.  It kind of looks like something off professional wrestling and one Clay will be proud of.  Now when we were growing up, I was sure his sign was ‘Creepylittlebrotherdeluxe”, but I think I read where this new one is something like “Notsuchabadguyafterall”.

Daughter #2, Casey, told me that she got the honor of  breaking  it to a friend that her Taurus tattoo is now obsolete.  Quite a reaction followed that!  Then some news reports are saying that this has been messed up for around 100 years and someone in 280 BC predicted it, so it’s not really a newsflash.  The news media just broke this 100 year news today, so can it really be considered ‘breaking news?”  Then the story came out that it is only supposed to effect those born after 2009.  I want to know if a little sign like the one to buy cigarettes that says “If you were born before this date…will show up on convenience store counters with those little horoscope scrolls.    Oh my, the scenarios this ol’ brain can conjure up.

So as my brain shuts down to go to bed tonight, I marvel at the beauty of those stars and the Creator, who it is written “The heavens declare His glory”.   Oh yes, they do a mighty fine job for that is the whole reason they were created in the first place!


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