The Crush

Many, many years ago in a beauty shop backroom not so far away, my friend, Rashelle and I would huddle around the TV to watch General Hospital.  We were new friends brought together due to our jobs at Evon’s Beauty Shop.  Midst the perm fumes and hairspray Rashelle introduced me to the love drama of Luke and Laura and stories lines I can’t even remember now.  But alas, one character made our hearts race.  Dr. Noah Drake was played by none other than that ‘working class dog’ himself, Rick Springfield.   Something about his demeanor and his feathered hair morphed us into being 13 year olds again-minus the Tiger Beat magazines. We followed his singing career and even dragged our husbands to Dodge City to watch his first attempt at the silver screen.

(This is a confession I am not proud of.   While I entertained thoughts of being ‘Jesse’s Girl”, I kind of forgot I was Cliff’s bride!   Another amazing reason I marvel that he has put up with me!)

This man-crush quite perplexed me as I had always been more of the cowboy persuasion. Somehow I was caught up in not only Rick’s cute-ness, but the story of Noah Drake and his romance with Nurse Bobbie.  Bobbie was the sweet girl next door, who we all knew was the one for him.  She was charming and down to earth at the same time.   They would flirt while looking over patients charts and in life threatening surgeries their hands would ever so lightly brush as they clamped off a renegade aneurism.  It had taken forever for the stars to finally line up so they would get together.

Soap Opera Digest rumors started flying that Rick was leaving the General Hospital in which we immediately started draping the customers in black shampoo capes.  How could this be?

His love was his music career, and he was hitting the concert trail.  While we agreed to wish him luck, we reluctantly awaited the fateful day of the last episode.   The situation was this, Noah (as ‘we’ called him) had arranged for his rich and rather snooty parents to meet his beloved Bobbie.  I can’t remember exactly what happened, but Bobbie was being her charming down-to-earth self, but Noah was quite embarrassed with what she wore, how she acted, and what she said.   The ‘real’ Noah was coming out with his parents around and Bobbie just didn’t measure up. The knife that cut through Bobbie’s heart (and ours) was when he snarled at her “Don’t act so common!”  A big time relationship killer!  It was immediate for Bobbie, but it still took us a while to accept the fact.

Today is Rashelle’s birthday.  We have grown up a lot in 28 years.  We still follow Rick’s life and are glad that he seems to have gotten his life straightened out.  Little did we know he was a big ol’ mess at the time. It’s a miracle Mrs. Springfield still considers herself  “Jesse’s Girl” and would have traded for mine in a heartbeat.  These past 20-something groupies now realize how blessed we are with what we’ve got.  Amen and thank you, God!

What piece of wisdom has come out of this is the line “Don’t be so common!”   Oh my stars!  How could we ever be common?    Sure there are  times it is so easy to fall in with the crowd and just survive life.  We constantly need reminded of who we are and whose we are.    Since He created us and He is pretty amazing at the creating thing, we have nothing, absolutely nothing to be embarassed about.  We can embrace being His workmanship.   “But we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him, who has called us out of darkness into his wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9.  There is definitely nothing common about that!


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