The 25 Year ‘Long’ Tornado!

A few years back my daughter Misty and I sat in the car totally frazzled.  We both had our heads back on the headrests, looking at each other.   I spoke.  “Mist, how did we keep up with her when she lived here?  She wears me out!”

The “her” is our daughter #2, Casey Michelle.  I was referring to her going to college the middle of August that year and had just come home Labor Day weekend.  Already we had adjusted to a slower paced groove in a mere 2 weeks.  You see, everyday is a high paced adventure with Casey in our lives.  Whether it is setting the house on fire, charming the tattoo artist to drop the price of her latest ink of choice, or managing to trade terrible concert seats to actually sitting on stage with the headlining  band, the world is this child’s oyster.

Casey being a whirlwind caught us totally off guard  when the 9lb 12 1/2 oz  little chunk chugged into the world.  All she wanted to do was snuggle and sleep.  I barely remember her being a baby.  Little did we know, we’d best enjoy it while we could as she was charging her batteries to go like her hair was on fire the rest of her life.   She’s a little over 5 ft tall stick of dynamite.

Adventure follows her-whether good or bad.  If it needs to take a break from her, well, she will have none of  it  and will text adventure  to see what it is doing because she has hatched a plan.

Her style is funky. When stressed her hair color changes with the crisis.  Her love language is making and giving unique gifts tailor-made for the recipient in mind.  Her loves are traveling, homeless missions, cowboy dancing, Gilmore Girls, diet Coke, exercising-why am I trying to even go here?  The list would get too long.  She loves life!

As I have watched her grow and mature, not many can compete with her people skills.  From the time she could walk I never knew where she was at church because either the Jr. High girls had whisked her off, or she was in a closet kissing boys.  She has always been right where the action is and everyone is her friend.  She doesn’t know a stranger.  When MSN Messenger was hot, she could have 12 conversation windows open at once and 3 of them would be named Tyler.   It doesn’t matter if someone drives a Vette or if it’s the homeless guy in Panera who stays all day for the bottomless cup to merely keep warm, she is their new best buddy.   She sees everyone through the eyes of love.  Many times her heart gets stomped on, or she is misunderstood which results in breaking someone else’s heart. When that happens Case is crushed.   Since experience is a faithful teacher, she is learning to set boundaries, but  even then she still looks at the person through the eyes of love.

What lessons I have learned from her!   It is a challenge to see the world through her Love-Of-Jesus glasses and live life with that passion regardless of the price.   (I’m also considering getting ‘adventure’s” cell number to see if it wants a date.)

Happy 25th Birthday, Casey Michelle Long.  May you always be loved as much as you love others!


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