Unsuccessfully Jumping Through Hoops

Meet Peaches.   While not her real name, I am calling this 5-year-old “Peaches”, because she is as cute as a peach.  With light blonde hair and beautiful eyes as pale blue as the August sky, one has to take notice of this cutie-patootey.

Peaches loves my husband.  If Cliff is around she flirts and teases him to no end.  When our son, Cole, shows up, he turns in to her favorite set of monkey bars with her hanging all over him.   The giggles fill the air!

Peaches can not stand me.  As much as I have tried from the day she was born, it is no secret she would rather I didn’t exist.  I have tried everything to win over this tough sell over.  I show her attention any chance I get.  I have tried reading her books which I get the reaction that she ‘hates that story’.  No amount of toys brought out for her to play with can woo her.  The only time she will warm up to me is if I have candy.  Then she is a charmer, turning on all the smiles and personality until she gets what she wants.   Then back into the shell she goes.

Our paths cross at least once a week.  Peaches always dishes out the  look of  “Oh, great!  Here she comes again.”

Her actions have not offended me, but at first it really bothered me.  I have known her since before she was born.  Besides this, she is family from around the bush.  To add my lack of confidence, I have a reputation to uphold.  I love kids and so far they all seem to kind of like me.  Of  50+ kids a week I work with, no one blows me off like this little one.

Finally I gave up bribing  and jumping through hoops for her friendship, but I always acknowledge her and let her know I am available when she is ready.

Peaches has a little brother, we will call Rocky.  Rocky is in that stage where he has just come out of that baby stage and is little boy through and through.  He hasn’t been one to talk much, but  his huge sapphire eyes speak volumes.  He is a rather shy one and hasn’t quite got what people are all about yet.  I haven’t been around him as much, so our relationship has been him curiously peering around the safely of his mom’s legs.

The other day, I was at their house while Peaches was in school.  Their mom and I were having a quite intense conversation for a couple of hours.  Rocky was hiding under the kitchen table we were sitting at.  I kind of forgot he was even around.  Ever so often little eyes would peek over the edge of the table.  When he would catch my eye, his little head would disappear in kind of hide-and-go seek.  Eventually he climbed up on mama’s lap and started drawing pictures from the notebook she had in front of her.  I would ask him questions about his masterpieces and before long he was calling me ‘Kelwy” and using long words that quite shocked me.  We were quickly buddies for life.  I left with a huge stack of refrigerator artwork that only Rocky could explain.

How interesting!  I love both these precious ones.  One holds me at arm’s length without much hope of a relationship.  The other, though reluctant at first, took a step of faith and delighted me with his attention.  I heaped it right back.

Oh how I have been guilty of being both of them.  I have had times I have not been on speaking terms with God and couldn’t even tell you why at times.  I know I felt He let me down on some occasions which was not too ‘peachy’ in my book and I was hurt.  At times I thought He was just too much for me.  Getting too close was too much of a risk  unless I needed something.  Then I would suck up until I got what I wanted.  (Like God didn’t figure that out!)   After going down several ‘rocky’ roads on my own, I decided to risk a peek now and again.   Something kept drawing me closer and before long I was jabbering all the time to Him and by the reaction I got, He delighted in that and still does.    My old buddy, James, said it best when he said “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  James 3:8

I am just thankful  He stuck in there when I was giving Him the cold shoulder.  Miss Peaches can just keep rolling her eyes and avoiding me.  I won’t push myself on her, but I will be waiting.


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