The Comfort Zone

Ok, I want to see a show of hands.  Who loves to be out of their comfort zone?  What?  No hands?

Let me rephrase.  Who likes to be out of their comfort zone?  So, no takers there either.  Hmmm…

Ok, let’s try this one.   Who is kicks and screams as they are shoved out of it?  I knew it!  Same here.

While life has a lot of those experiences, sometimes it heaps up and you are not sure you can dig out and survive it.  I fight it every step of the way.  Some times when I have felt like a target was drawn on me, I relish the thought of taking a vacation by crawling back in mine for just a little bit.

A friend and I were talking the other day.  He was sharing about how years ago he was asked to take a job he felt like he was very unqualified for.  He prayed about it and did the proverbial ‘pro and con’ list.  Everything he could think of landed in the ‘pro’ column except for one item.  The lone concern was “it would take me out of my comfort zone.”  After much prayer he decided that issue wasn’t enough to keep him from saying ‘yes’.  He has never regretted the growth that came from that decision.

After I had thought about where God catapulted me in the last year of chaos and how our relationship has grown, I realized the root of fear of the uncomfortable is that I won’t survive what ever comes my way.  I’m not necessarily talking from a physical standpoint, but most generally from the pride corner.  I will look stupid.  People will think I am crazy.  What if I’m terrible at whatever is asked of me?  What if I’m not smart enough?   What if I fail?  I am sure you can think of as many reasons as I can.

Oh, how precious our pride is to us that we clinch it to our chests.   God has to use a lot of things to pry our fingers off of it.

While minor in comparison to some situations, when the class I am taking asks me to do things I cringe at, I grab onto the truth that ‘perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:4)  If I have to interview someone I don’t really know about her infamous bear story or pick the brain of an engineer in the aircraft industry who probably thinks I am a nutty idiot,  it may kill my pride, but it allows God to work in ways I would have never guessed.  Even with my stomach feeling icky and I wanted to pass out, I got to spend an afternoon with a good friend as she took professional pictures of me.  It  was such a blessing to watch her in her shutterbug element.    Surprisingly, dreading to learn how to build a website that I have no clue how to do, is starting to turn into an adventure.  It’s apparent the more I am out of my comfort zone, the more God can work.  I limit me, when God has so much more in mind.  With each challenge a confidence in him grows and I grow.  Once again we are working together on me becoming one of his masterpieces-not lacking in anything.

I love that he is known as the “Comforter”.  I am the closest to who he created me to be when I am in his comfort zone.


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