Putting Off the Job That Has To Be Done

This morning I woke up committed to do our taxes.  This is not a job I love, like, or in any way look forward to.  It is right up there with getting my toenails ripped out.  Alas, I must because my son, Cole alerted me that the FAFSA is calling so he can file for college funding.  This is right up there with breathing as a priority. He must have the numbers by March 1st in order to get in on the first wave of grants, loans and scholarships.  I had totally forgotten. I have coasted into Empty Nest mindset of ignoring those deadlines.

Yesterday I had way too many important of things I had to do to mess with this.  (The truth is I had a couple of days wiggle room and I knew it.)  The memory of us having to pay in last year did not inspire me either.

So this morning I give myself my quit-being-a-weinie pep talk.  I was rip raring to go!  I gather up all the important papers to the kitchen.

I see the recycling by the kitchen door that needs to go to the center.  I didn’t have a whole lot, but I sure didn’t want it cluttering up things. That led me to see the baby gift I need to get around for a shower I have to miss.  Lucky for me, the grandma lives right on the way to the recycling center.  Since I didn’t have an appropriate gift bag, I end up in Dollar General perusing the aisles.  The baby department reminded me that I got a letter from the Pratt Family Life Center saying business has been booming to the point of financial turmoil.  I grab several baby bottles and immediately implement a plan in my head to pitch a fund-raiser for our church where people put spare change in the bottles for the sake of these young families this outreach touches. I deliver the baby gift and have to visit with the proud new grandparents since it’s been forever since I have seen them.  At the recycling center, I chat it up with my recycling buddy, Elbert, who I call my ‘sweet hook-up”.  He is always on the look out for items I can use for craft projects at the church.

When I get home I feel satisfaction of being less cluttered in my space.  I clip up the Dollar General bags and do the loopy trick  to make ‘plarn.”  Plarn is the key for that wonderful art of crocheting mats for the homeless.  Of course I add a few rows.  That reminds me that I need to change out my laundry.  My dryer is some kind of dead so I hang up everything in the basement. Once back upstairs here sit some coupons on the coffee table I snuck by Elbert to send to Robin.  Well, those certainly need clipped.  That won’t take but a minute, then I will attack the taxes.

Coupon clipping is evidently way more strenuous that I thought as I got so sleepy.  A nap is in order.  This would be an investment for my brain.  Being able to focus as my next task would be rather ‘taxing.”  (Oh, I just crack myself up some times!)

I wake up kind of groggy, which is not good. Cliff reminds me of a webinar I have to watch for a class. Oh yeah.  I get my laptop and notebook all set up in the dining room. It has trouble loading, so while I’m waiting, I notice how the hardwood floor needs swept, which then led to dusting the bookcases.  Some of my titles have gotten out of order and some I just need to find a new home for.  I do some purging.  Finally the webinar fires up, but it was still having trouble, so I start weeding out my newly started tomato and pepper plants that are under grow lights on the other end of the table.  After I persevere though the halty technological session, I start pondering the taxes again.

My mistake was going back into the living room.  I hear the announcers taking about our Jayhawks.  When I say ‘our Jayhawks’, I mean sometimes Cliff and I forget that we did not give birth to these boys.  The world stopped and I was suddenly transported to Norman, OK  by way of ESPN.  Once that game was over, the taxes were mine!

And they would have been, gosh darn it, if he hadn’t made that cheddar cheese popcorn.  I am sure H& R Block would tell you that a quick snack is crucial to keep up one’s energy when dealing with the rigors of  exemptions and deductions.  My, it was tasty.

After reading a great article that Patricia Heaton had written in last month’s Guideposts, I pondered a bath or calling a friend I needed to check in with.   Thank goodness, reality came and whacked me up the side of the head.

I sit down, draw a deep breath and take on the beast.

How silly I am!  Putting the job off is irrelevant to if the news was going to be good or bad.  The point is the job needs to be done and done with gusto.  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving”  Colossians 3: 23-24.   Especially the jobs we dread!

It actually went smoother than expected and we are getting money back!  (Insert ‘happy praise dance’ here)  Since all the forms are supposed to be in our grubby little hands by Jan 31st, I should have been on this like a duck on a June bug at one minute after mid-night on Feb 1st.   For now I know out there somewhere there is a brand new dryer with my name on it!


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