Unforgetable Creations

I love to experience all the aspects of God’s creation. Today I am celebrating some of the people he created.  Our paths crossed some of his unique ones this weekend when we left Barber County for a wedding in Kansas City.

Let me introduce you to Creation #1.  While meeting friends in the hotel lobby to catch the shuttle to the church, we heard a voice that we will never forget.  In the bar/lobby was a petite little gal in a bright blue dress.   Her voice was very high, nasally, and had the ‘little girl’ trait to it.   Quite deceivingly, this little body could produce sound that  screamed off the brick walls.  Gathered in the lobby was not only our gang, but another group headed to another wedding.  When Little Girl Blue would laugh, eyes would squint and shoulders hunch up much like a reaction from nails on a chalkboard.  A fountain of non-stop commentary, she shared with a bar buddy that she was headed to a wedding.  Not a soul there can honestly say they didn’t pray right there that she would not be going to the nuptials they were attending.   Sighs of relief released from us when we saw her load into the very crowded hotel shuttle van.

Sadly, it reminded me of a flight when a friend and I were rum-dumb from lack of sleep and were just giggly-gooney.  We were oblivious to those around us as we sat in the front row of the plane because we were consumed with us being so hilarious.  Before take off they asked if anyone would move to the back to even out the weight.  We volunteered.  As we headed to the very back of the plane, a middle-aged guy groaned loudly and said, “Oh no!  I sat back here to get away from you two!”  Later in the flight, he and I visited a bit, which I think we both enjoyed.  Just like Little Girl Blue, we all have our moments.  That convinced me that I needed extend some grace as was extended to me.

Creation #2 was Marcus, in which our mortality was entrusted.  He was our shuttle driver for the evening.  Our lives flashed before our eyes on many occasions as he whirled us through intersections.  Entertaining us with his stand-up comedy routine was his unofficial job.  When he found out that we were wedding bound, he began to tell us of his love gone wrong.  His girlfriend was ‘mean, I tell you!  She even said ‘you are so stupid!’ right in front of my mama!  Can you believe that?  Uh-huh! A man can not put up with that.”  One of the gals with us asked what his mama thought about this.  “Wal, she didn’t like it.  I can tells you that!  So, I just yanked that gal’s application.  I shore did.”   During the course of 4 shuttle rides with our new bff  we learned much about him.  He was from “Loos-y-anna and when I get married I’m having a southern weddin’.  My grandma is going to fry up 200 lbs of chicken and bake pies.  Yes, there will be apple, peach and pea-can, if Grandma can still get around by then.  And (his hands went off the wheel to display his dream through gestures) there will be a blue Kool-aid fountain.  Oh yes!  It would be hard blue Kool-aid. (ran a red light at this point) Gots ta keep in a budget ya know.”   As we unloaded an invitation to said wedding was extended to us.   He had the buffet and just needed a bride.

Later, yes, we called Markus to pick us up from the reception.  He had other passengers who thought we were crazy when we greeted him, excitedly.  The newcomers’ eyes were much like they had ridden the Orient Express at Worlds of Fun for the first time with no seat belts.  They weren’t real happy that he had made a detour for us.  Their posture said they solely wanted to get to the hotel safely.  I assured my new seat buddy that we had a relationship with Markus, just as he missed clipping a suburban by a fraction of an inch.  She could not help commenting on his driving skills.  “I tell you what” Markus shared. “I could drive that Space Shuttle.  I’d be dodgin’ them asteroids.  It’d be all good.”  As we pulled up to the hotel, I think one of the passengers knelt and kissed the ground on her dismount.  I guess they didn’t recognize hospitality when they encountered it.  Marcus is the king.  Not only did he take care of our needs, he entertained us in an unforgetable way.

Creation #3. Rita the omelet lady at the hotel.   She was a finely tuned machine who should be the headline article of next month’s AARP magazine.  Only having about a foot and one-half area to move in, she could work a waffle iron, saute veggies, flip an omelet, call out the order and wash the pans in the time it took me to place my order.   She was having a blast as she visited with her guests.  Never did she slip up or get an order wrong.  The line was long, but everyone was so patient as they were mesmerized by her skill and personality.  Someone asked her how many she made in a day.  “I have no idea,” she humbly shrugged. “I never thought to count.”  The verse ‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”  (Colossians 3:17) seemed to be printed all over her attitude.  (The thought crossed our minds that this may well be Marcus’s grandma.  If she is, Marcus had best be thanking the good Lord above!)

Creation #4 and #5.  #4 was a really nice cashier in which Misty and I visited with as we checked out at Walgreens.  We were juggling our bags as #5 came in.  She was a middle-aged woman on a mission.  She was carrying a brown paper lunch bag with the top crinkled shut in her fist.  She rushed in the door and made a bee-line to our new friend.  As Mist and I went out the door, we saw her start to hand the bag to him.  “I think someone left this in the parking lot……..I think inside is a hamster.”   Misty exploded in laughter as I shoved her out the door.  In the car we created a myriad of scenarios of how this scene came about.   How #4 was going to handle this event would have been priceless to witness.   What was so funny is the way our lives go we both could see ourselves in this situation.  It made our day!    They reminded me to ‘give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess 5:16.  In fact we are jealous we weren’t involved.  You know both #4 and #5 will go home and tell someone “I had the strangest thing happen today.”


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