BJ and the Bride

Last weekend Cliff and I had the privilege of going to a beautiful wedding in Kansas City.  Seated as ‘friends of the bride’, we were serenaded by a stringed trio and soaked in the traditional cathedral-like surroundings.  No one sat in silence, due to the fact of the wedding program.  Everyone was buzzing over the little original book, that oozed with the personalities of the couple about to be wed.  It told how they met, who they were, what their ‘fav’s were and bios on who was in the wedding.  What a treat!  We knew Amy through her parents, but had only met BJ once at their bridal shower.  Very rapidly, we learned that he was a unique character that would fit in quite nicely with this family.

My favorite part of the wedding came when the groom walked his mother down the aisle and took his place at the front of the church.  The music swelled as the big moment approached when BJ would see his bride for the first time.  I watched him with great interest.  He would look at the floor, then slowly peer up-almost like he didn’t trust that he was really here at this moment.  These were not only expressions of extreme anticipation, but also his posture gave his impatience away.  He was totally unaware that his left leg was twitching at a high rate of speed and his right hand was about to wear the edge of his pants pocket out.   A grin was fighting a smile that was just waiting to burst forth.  Ever so often he would look up a the ceiling and take a ragged deep breath then glance back at the closed stained glass doors that separated him from his beloved.   His heart had to be on the verge of beating out of his chest.  Time seemed to stand still for him.  If he would have had to wait much longer, I bet he would have bounded up the aisle and ripped those doors off the hinges.

As with tradition, we all stood as my attention swung to those closed doors. When they opened Amy’s smile beamed everywhere and there was no way it was going to be contained!  She probably would have run down that aisle had it not been for the Father of the Bride.  As with most daddys giving their little girls away, he was rather stiff and reverent.  He was not going to be rushed in handing his precious one over.  The time had to be perfect.

That time came just moments later.  Two became one to never be separate again.  Nothing was more right.  This was one union we would never forget.  The glorious celebration that followed was the icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

“As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.” Isaiah 62:5b.  This made me think about how Jesus just itches with anticipation for a relationship with us.  Not only that but someday, he will be coming, when the time is perfect.  Not a millisecond before.

So what are we waiting for?  We must get ready!  May we welcome him with smiles that can not be contained.  The Bridegroom and the epic celebration of all time are their way!


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