A “Do Nothing” Day

This blog post won’t be long, because in order to have a do-nothing day, you really can’t do any thing.

Yesterday morning, I got up and plopped in the recliner.  Before long two hours had gone by of me half listening to the news repeat over and over.   Any gumption I ever had evidently had gone on vacation.  I made an executive decision. I was officially taking the day off from life.  I thought back and figured since the last one I had hit about 1983, I was due.   I told my compadre Couch Potato Cliff that I was going back to bed for a while.   He was sprawled out and I know he was jealous that I had so much energy.

About 11:45 am, I straggled out with bedhead and my pj top on wrong side out.  A shower would surely revive me and rearrange my hair.  It did not.  Since Cliff was as inspired about living life to the not-so fullest as I was, he proclaimed whatever any one scavenged to eat it would be fair game.  I agreed.   Since Cole was home for Spring Break if we could have gotten him to chew our food for us, we would have.

In honor of it being our 28th anniversary, Cliff asked me on a date to Alco Discount Store to pick up Coca-cola and chips.  Proof that the romance is still not dead.  This was the highlight of the day and our energy peaked at this time.

Watching the first game of the NCAA basketball tournament that afternoon smooth wore me out.   A nap sounded like a wonderful idea and out I went.  When I awoke, Cliff was in a coma in his chair as well.  The rest of the afternoon resulted the extreme energy-zapping task of circling wins and slashing through losses on our brackets.

I got real crazy and read a little.  Running the remote exhausted Cliff, so he refrained from anything so strenuous. Once the Kansas State game was over, I hung in there a bit longer, but decided to turn in.  With all the rest I had racked up, I figured I would never get to sleep.  I was wrong. I crashed the minute I turned out the light.

Do I have guilt of a wasted a day?  Yesterday it would eat at me a little bit.  Here was a whole day and I had tons of stuff that needed done.  On the other hand, I’ve learned not to go like my hair is on fire all the time.  God has reasons for commanding a time of Sabbath rest, and it is my best intention to follow that as much as possible.  Any extra rest is to be cherished as well.  As my mama would say when I had slept way longer than I had intended, ‘you must have needed it.’  Today is proof.  I feel physically the best I have in ages.  It’s not what we do, but it’s ‘who’s’ we are that counts.  I tend to forget that at times.

To add some icing to the cake, we had a great day yesterday.  God surprised us with this do-nothing day as an unexpected gift.  With a couple of years being the exception, Cliff and I have a tradition of making sure we do something on our anniversary.  Yesterday there was freedom in the fact that we didn’t have to follow that tradition on this particular year.  We both needed to chill out and enjoy just being us with each other.   Our tradition does not define the security of the relationship.

Funny how when we look at the big picture, this do-nothing day actually accomplished a lot.


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