Feeling the Burn

Have you ever had something just sneak up on you and shock the daylights out of you?  I had one of those ‘oh, that will never happen to me’  humbling moments this week.  Oh my!

Due to Cliff’s recent knee surgery, a borrowed exercise bike has been added to my dining room decor.  He goes in and whirrs away on it a couple of times a day.  The other day, I started to wonder when was the last time I did anything to ‘feel the burn’.  I have never been a consistent exerciser.  I like to get out and move if I am working  hauling off tree limbs or something that the kids rope me into doing with them, but to say I seek it out, forget it.  Thoughts of enrolling at the Wellness Center are great dreams, but I know I would never be able to talk myself into going early on cold mornings nor would I in the evenings when I am beat.  I would feel guilty and whine, so it isn’t worth it to try.  In nice weather, I had dreams of going running with our new puppy a couple of summers ago.  Jiggerbean was great at first, but the german short hair turned into a tornado on a leash.  Even Cliff has a hard time handling the beast and has to run him five miles before they hunt.  When Casey was living with us, we would pitch in the Leslie Sansone DVD and power walk those three miles.  She got bored with it, but did it to humor me.  She began to add kick boxing moves that would make Leslie pale at the thought.  I just smiled with Leslie and her studio girls and soaked up the time with my daughter.  When she left, my discipline packed up and moved to Wichita with her.   Last summer Mom kept me fit with running the stairs to her apartment when she hit her Lifeline or lifting her in and out of her wheelchair to the car.  Calling it the ‘Myrlee Moore Work Out System” I turned into Muscles Linguine overnight.  Once she went into the nursing home, I was shocked at how depleted I was in every area.  I gave myself permission to just heal from 6 months of a nightmare.

So on Monday morning I hatched a great plan.  Starting my day I would set up my laptop to listen to one of my favorite radio shows and ride like the wind.  It usually runs 25-30 minutes, which would be perfect to get the heart rate going.  I would be multi-tasking my way to fitness.

The regular host was on vacation, but her regular fill-in was taking the microphone.  He usually opens the show with a good chunk of time to catch you up on world events, etc.  Sometimes he will go for as much as half the show.  On the website is a time counter, so I could glance over at any moment to see who much longer I had when I started to break into glistening or feel a little flushed.

So I hit play on the laptop and hop on the stationery velocipede.  I take off at a good clip and decide I need to kick it up a notch.  As I half-listened to Brannon went on about some government issues I wasn’t too interested in, I pictured myself racing Lance Armstrong in the Tour De Dining Room.  I rode like the wind, I tell you and was about to catch him when—

—I started feeling my muscles go to jelly and my lungs began to convince me that I was equivalent to a 2 pack a day smoker.  They were the ones ‘feeling the burn’.

So maybe a 30 minute goal was a little lofty I think to myself.  10 minutes would be just dandy and my, Brannon is windy today with this intro.  Will the man not move on?  He has had to been yapping non-stop for ages.

Suddenly my heart sent a memo to me that it was on the verge of exploding.  I took a gander over at the time counter.

2 minutes and 50 seconds!  What!  Then it went in to spasms, not from exercise but from humility and shock!

How can this be?  I have never been an athlete, but I was the one all the ribbon ropers fought over to get me to run for them.  I could slice through the fresh plowed ground of an arena to pull the ribbon off the calf’s tail and run to the finish line like a knife through butter.  Being deceivingly stronger than my size and quite ‘wiry’ as the Scottish kicker on the  football movie The Replacements would say, I have can hold my own with the best of them.  I have helped Cliff load washing machines, wrangle furniture upstairs for college move-in days, and have taught many a kid at the church how to do all the actions at the same time Making Melodies in My Heart without breaking a sweatMy build has been one I have had pride in when others have tried to give me a few pounds of theirs.  “Oh I have good genes to thank for that” I have said with a chuckle and blush when people have commented on my muscle definition.  (I know I don’t have much wrapped around these bones, but what I have is defined, ok?)  I have never ever had to work at it, and I don’t like the thought of having to start one bit!

Now the shock is over.  I have accepted that I have to kick it up a notch and add another thing in my daily schedule.   I am noticing my breathing getting smoother and my heart is rather enjoying the ride since I set my pace a little more realistically.  It’s turning into just God and I having some great prayer time that consists of more than me thinking I am physically going to meet my maker at any moment.  It is beginning to become a rich time where  God is molding me and shaping me once again.

“Therefore I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.”  Romans 12:1.   (Suppose He might mean more than in a just physical sense as well?  Hmm…….more to blog about some day, huh?)


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