Some Calls Go Through. Some Get Re-routed.

Some people know exactly what they are called to do.  For example, my oldest daughter came out of the womb knowing she would be a teacher.  Robin never changed her major once.  Now, she helps molds and shape Jr. High kids.  It is a much needed vocation worthy of many jewels in her crown that not everyone is cut out for.

Daughter #2 changed her major every month for the first semester of college.  Casey started with Health Promotions, then switched to Criminal Justice because “they give you a car and a gun”.  After a fender bender and a sit-down chat with the officers, she decided it was a little more to it than she was prepared to handle.  She graduated in 3 years with a degree and couple of minors completed.  She has been out 4 years as a youth director, which she has loves.  Recently she was questioning her vocation and applied to be a flight attendant.  The airline was immediately interested, but  she missed the memo that the opening called for being fluent in Japanese.  Evidently it’s not what she’s called to do right now.  I won’t be surprised if someday she ends up on the moon, because she is always reaching for the stars.  Adventure awaits her at every corner as she grabs God’s hand and goes wherever He points with all nine feet a-kickin’.

There is something to be said for both.  God makes his calling known from day one for some and others his calling is to search for it like searching for treasure.   All my life I’ve wrestled with this, but with the empty nest, I have some openings popping up that before I hadn’t been able to explore.

I know my calling is not singing and so does everybody else that has heard me.  In fourth grade Mrs. Swisher would stand by my ear and try to get me on key for “God Bless America.”  Well, God bless her for trying.   After being chosen for Protection High School show choir, The Singing Panthers, I was told that it wasn’t because I could sing.  Huh?   I got an even better compliment in the explanation of ‘why?”  If there was something silly the director needed someone to do, he knew I was the gal. With this entrusted to me, I made sure not to let him down. Meanwhile, I worked hard to carry some sort of tune.  At a radio fundraising event, I challenged listeners to call in and pledge to keep me from singing.  Let’s just say they did and God blessed the station greatly.

For a long time I  had a hard time understanding this.  I love music and love singing.  Finally, I heard that quiet voice say “honey, we are not even going there.  It would become a pride thing and you know it.  I’ve called you for other things.  You are just going to have to be happy praising me with a voice that only I thrill at.”  Realizing that, I am still exploring ‘the other things’, while the world adjusts its earplugs as I praise.

So what are you called to do?  Do you know?  Are you embracing that?  If not, are you looking at the not knowing as an adventure.  Are you willing to risk shooting for the stars?  Some days I am strapped into the space shuttle ready to blast off, and some days voices in my head say ‘Who are you kidding?  What if you fall on your face?  What makes you think you are qualified to do anything at all? What gave you the idea this might be your number?’

Then I remember that I am the Commander’s daughter.  Not only is He the Way, He created it all-even my calling and dreams.  So, I make myself listen to the voice of Truth.  With Him at the controls, the stars are not out of reach.

(PS-When Teacher-From-Birth Robin had almost finished her first semester of teaching, she held up a corsage she was working on for her wedding.  “Instead of teaching, I think I really want to be a florist.”  My first reaction was “What?!?  You just got through school!”  Thank goodness, God gives us many gifts and graces to explore as He ordains our steps .”)


2 thoughts on “Some Calls Go Through. Some Get Re-routed.

  1. I feel exactly the same about singing! I love it, my God I love it, but I wouldn’t be able to stay on key if my life depended on it. Actually, I don’t even know where the key is!

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