When Worries Erupt

I think this is the one in Edla’s backyard

Dante’s Peak is an early 90’s movie of destruction, adventure, and survival.  A viewing of it last night brought back the memories of when we first watched it.  My kids’ feet didn’t hit the floor for weeks as they hopped across our furniture, dodging hot lava.  Since my mother-in-law lived on Mt. Hood, outside Portland, Oregon, I jokingly called, her insisting that she “Flee!  Flee!”

Experts say Mt. Hood is the Oregon volcano most likely to erupt, although chances are very unlikely.  Still, I have memories of those Mt. St. Helens images and the juice bottle of heavy gray sand-like ash we collected from a huge drift that summer of 1980.   Once in a while there is talk of a rumble, but most generally Edla talked about the flooding of the glacier fed Sandy River that ran close to her house.  Oh, and did I mention about the bears that would wander through on occasion?  And how about all those Oregonian serial killers that kidnap folks to disappear in the mountain wilderness forever?

Well, this summer Edla Bushman-Mountain Woman made a life change to the beautiful climate controlled paradise of Hawaii.  She is soaking up the sun and melting away the chill of mountain living by floating  in hot lava pools.   Life is good as she enjoys the scenery of her island that has the variety of every land form possible.

A while back we got a call.  “Oh, if you hear the volcano in the back yard blew up, we are fine.”  Volcano?  Yes, there is one about 20 miles from her, so no worries.  A few days later we were amazed to get through to her so quickly after the recent Japanese earthquake.  An alleged tsunami was headed straight for the islands, but we weren’t too fearful as they live on the opposite side of where it was expected to hit.   Her new challenge is the wild pigs.  I asked “are they like ‘hogzilla’ pigs with the tusks?”   She didn’t really know because evidently the hunting show gene that her son got did not come from her side.  ‘They black and big,’ she said.  The scary part is one broke through her neighbor’s screen door and got in her house.  They are now on code-red-hog-alert.  Her new past time is sticking her head out the window and yelling ‘Sue-ey!”  Hey, when life hands you pigs, you make Ona Pan Lau Lau.

When we hear something out of our control is going on in her world, the temptation to freak out is strong.  She is precious to us.   On those days Oregon and Hawaii are a zillion miles away from Kansas. We can’t jump and run like we can with the rest of our family.  Besides who can stop volcanos, floods, and tsunamis?  (My guys would be all over the bear and wild pig hunt.  This is when I’m kind of thankful for the distance as we don’t need anymore fur/hair/tusks/claws in our interior decorating.)

Yes, our confidence is that she is in the palm of God’s hand.   “If I rise on the wings of dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” Psalm 139:9-10  Knowing that God’s palm is also big enough to hold her Ring of Fire dwelling husband, her sister and brother-in-law helps us sleep nights as well.  We’d be a wreck if we were worrying about all of them!

Meanwhile, we go peacefully about our business as we dodge lightning, plow through blizzards, watch for rattlesnakes, and keep one eye on the sky for stray twisters.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34.

photo credit-http://www.hilo.hawaii.edu/~csav/gallery/decker/hawaii_puu_oo_cone.php


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