The Place Where Dandelions Belong

While soaking up the view of a meadow below our mountain cabin, my breath was taken away by the scene that only God could orchestrate. The glow on the east ridge slowly increased as the morning did a sneak-attack on the sleeping valley below. Mountain peaks still frosted with snow framed the slopes below with its forest green cape of pines.  A meadow spoke of winter being finally kicked to the curb as a blanket yellow wildflowers put the finishing touches of perfection.  A fishing pond shimmered like a crown jewel in the morning light.  We drank in the dramatic presentation from our VIP seats as we sipped too strong coffee on the porch.  It was a masterpiece frozen in our memories.

Due to the  jolt of caffeine and the itch to shuck off being just bystanders to this display, we wandered down into the meadow.  Walking around the pond, I snapped pictures of every detail I could find.  Rock benches.  A woodshed with a giant daisy painted on it.  A hitching post.   As we strolled around the pond and watched for fish in the crystal clear water, I realized dandelions were the wildflowers that made the masterpiece we had sat in awe of complete.  Really.  Dandelions.

“Cliff, these are… dandelions!” I was astonished.

He looked at me, totally unimpressed and was chalking it up to “Kelly getting her aura again”.   (This was his catchphrase of the trip when I started scribbling or snapping pictures of seemingly insignificant things.)  In our yard at home, he is the 5 star general leading the charge in the war to eradicate any yellow invaders that break the property line perimeter. We spray. We pull. We dig. We panic as we know that their seed will spread like crazy and the roots go clear to China.  In our yard they are not welcome.

But, here, it’s a different story.  This is definitely the place where dandelions belong.  They complete the portrait God had painted.

Do you ever feel misplaced?  Maybe that job you are in, the location where you live, or that very trying relationship.  Health, kid issues, and aging parents are just a few of the stresses that make you believe you don’t belong in this arena of life.  It is sure not fun to be pulled, dug at, and your spirit seems to be being snuffed out a little at a time.  But, make no mistake that you are exactly where God needs you to be at the time.  He uses the situations of our lives to mold and shape us, to bring us closer to him, and to bring attention of who he is to others.

Nothing is more precious than when a child proudly presents one with a grubby handful of dandelions picked with love.  I believe nothing thrills God more than when we embrace that we are dandelion bouquets, trusting that He will use us in a masterpiece created to take the breath away.


2 thoughts on “The Place Where Dandelions Belong

  1. This is one of my favorites… 🙂 I have to say I have been given many dandelion bouquets and often think, “ugh”. Now I will look at my week bouquets as a present from God. Thank you Kelly. I read the weekend at the Fornelli’s to Bob. We laughed and he asked me to read another. Impressed? You should be. 🙂 Keep writing. I think you should definitely publish your work. Jill

  2. oh my kelly this is buetiful! this is were me and my dad rode horses! did u have a good time! i hope so! just as jill u should puplish your work! just a few min ago i said thats a weed ! and mom said its flower.and i said what and my mom said come read kellys i did it is wonderful! sophie and krista

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