Doing It Afraid

What does this picture say to you?  I marvel at how casually these guys eat their lunch, living life as if the there is no reality that one false move or a gust of wind will turn them into a splatter on the concrete below.  If they fall, it’s a long ways with no hope of recovery.

Who is with me on not being able to get to the top of a 6 ft ladder without feeling like they are going to be sucked off?  (I put myself in this picture as laying welded to the girder, whimpering, as I pray for God to just take me now and get it over with.)  Or even worse, who has voices whisper just enough doubt about our abilities and identity to paralyze us into standing dead still, running the other direction, or just giving up?

While picking through a bin of postcards at a poster sale on campus, I stumbled upon this picture and was so intrigued, it now sets on my desk as I try to peck out a few words here and there.   Attempting to write something and having no clue what I am doing is pretty darn scary.  I learned years ago that my name means “brave warrior”, which I think is ludicrous.  If I had been cast in the movie Braveheart, William Wallace would have stripped me of my clan’s kilt and named me ‘Kelly the Chicken-hearted.’   When it comes to fight or flight my natural bent is to be on the next plane to China.  Seriously, how can God even work with that?

Then I read about Apostle Peter.  He started out as Simon, but Jesus blessed him with a new name.  When he would revert to the clueless guy Jesus first met, Jesus would refer to him as Simon.  But, when he had high hopes for him and was speaking encouragement and purpose, he referred to him as Peter-The Rock.  Before long ol’ Simon began to take on the identity that God in mind for him all along.  His chicken-hearted claim to fame with the rooster crowing paled to how he became a brave warrior as he worked fearlessly to build the church.

Have you ever considered that through your knocking knee situations, God has a lot more confidence in you that you do?  He is the girder that we can dance on in the wind storm.  It may not mean we aren’t shaking in our boots sometimes, but he is holding us up as we do it afraid.  I’m learning that the more I take the steps afraid, that being afraid isn’t as big a deal as some voices have led me to believe.

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:13

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