The Knights of the Rectangular Table

  They are fascinated with fire, put away groceries like hoard of starving Vikings, and display great sword-fighting skills rivaling the Three musketeers—-had I not hidden the knives.

On Wednesdays through the month of June, I spend the afternoon with four interesting young men.  The goal is to teach them biblical truths wrapped in the guise of  basic cooking skills around the church’s rectangle kitchen table.   Honestly, I wonder if they are learning a thing, but I am definitely a student through this experience.

Let me introduce them-

Sir Talks-Cars-A-Lot is going into the 8th grade, but is already assuring a 7th grader that one of these days he can make him a good deal on some wheels.  He can’t help it.  It’s in his DNA.  With his grandpa on mom’s side and his father in the biz, he can spout off years, makes, and models with the best of them.  Last week, I was the target and almost had Cliff in a new ride had I not come to my senses in the nick of time.

Sir Gun-A-Had is honing his skills in the art of firearms.  He started with BB guns and has advanced up the ranks with his eyes on the biggest firepower the world has seen.  With Dad as a great teacher, he is an apprentice in the hunting world.  Critters had better take for cover!  He has viewed the classic westerns and analyzes every move John Wayne makes on the silver screen.

Next comes Sir Sam-Ur-I.  His personality seems to be the quiet innocence, but if you catch that twinkle in his eye and a hint of a grin, you know he is oozing with good-hearted oneriness.  Chopping ham for an omelet with a mid-sized knife simply will not do.  He is out for the giant Rambo model to pulverize any poor cucumber in his path with great flair.   When I hid the knives, he smuggled in his own.  (More for a joke on me than anything.)

Sir I’m-Keeping-Up-With-The-Big-Boys is the youngest of these 2 bands of brothers.  He is oozing with energy and personality. He knows if he is going to run with the big dogs, he is going to have to run fast.  Unlike a lot of guys with pesky little brothers tagging along, they accept him as an equal, but he sure doesn’t want to lose his ground.  He expresses himself with passionate sound effects and great tales of gargantuan explosions with fire-crackers, 4 wheeler adventures, and anything that oozes ‘guy-stuff’.   His eyes are full of expressive enthusiasm as he is on board with whatever plan these other three cook up.

These 4 amaze me with their appetites!  They eat lunch and are at the church at 1:30.    They polish off big plates of spaghetti, salad, and lemonade pie on full stomachs.  The French bread barely made it out of the oven and it was devoured. They sneaked enough brownie batter that I was amazed it covered the bottom of the pan.

As the responsible party, they make me nervous as knives flash around and sticks of spaghetti are set on fire from the stove’s pilot light.  I do what I can to keep them safe, but remind myself God is working through them just  being boys.  I am so privileged to enjoy these moments with them.  They are the future that will be passing on spiritual food someday.  I told one of the moms I am not sure what lessons are sinking in.  There aren’t many cars chases or fireworks stands in the bible, but I trust God when he says that his word does not come back void.   He has reminded me that the disciples were into fishing lures, what was for dinner, and Sir Peter ginsu-ed a guard’s ear off.  As long as they keep a ravenous appetite for him, they will dish out a buffet of his truths to others, just like a certain band of disciples’ testimonies that continue to set the world on fire with their gifts, graces and unique personalities.

I sweep off my chef hat to the valiant Knights of the Rectangle Table.   God has chosen well.

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One thought on “The Knights of the Rectangular Table

  1. Kel ~ You sure know how to make my mother heart smile! Nailed it on the head with those four. Definetly printing this off & filing away for another day. By the way, I think it’s safe to say “cooking / bible lessons with Kelly” will go down as a top fav of summer vacation 2011! Keep up the God work!

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