It’s True! God Looks Out For Drunks, Small Children and ME!!!

Tuesday is one of my official days off from my job.  Since my list of ‘other’ things of life pile up, I have come to realize that I have not really had a day off since…oh….1983.

Tuesday was no exception.  Radio, paying bills, and routine shopping tended to clutter my growing list.  My car was loaded with enough recycling goodies to  qualify us as ‘the trashiest people in town.”  A trip to spend some time with Mom in Pratt was interjected between bible study and trying to figure out where my director book for Vacation Bible School had vanished.  (Still MIA, so prayers would greatly be appreciated!)  A nap really wanted me to take advantage of our nice, dark, cool, family room on this blistering day. I traded it for a trip to Attica to pick up beef from the locker I had promised I would pick up last week.

What I felt I needed to be doing for my sanity was writing.  Things had finally lined up so I could do some major league writing.  My fingers had been flying lat the rate of hummingbird wings. My brain was buzzing as God continued to open surprising things about the people who are inhabiting my brain and my laptop.  On top of that, God started teasing me with another tale to tell as I went through some of my mom’s pictures.

“Lord, you are going to make my brain explode!” I half giggled-half screamed in terror.

The hour-long round ride to Attica ended up being wonderful!  Driving tends allow my stories to unfold and sort themselves out.  After depositing a quarter of Ferdinand the Bull in the back of the Blueberry, I knew I had best shake-a-leg to keep this 105+ degree day from turning my backseat into a barbeque pit.

Driving home my mind went from crafting scenes of a family dealing with the crisis using  Colorado as a backdrop to having  random ideas bombard me straight from my hometown (circa 1950) with all the zanyness small town life.   While fun and exciting,  I was stressing about how I was going to keep all the voices straight in my head, let alone not lose one valuable nugget.  Suddenly wisdom was given to handle it, thus diverting a nervous breakdown.

Grabbing an arm load of trash and various clutter from the passenger set, I charged inside to purge my brain before it faded.

Pretty soon our son came home from work sporting his don’t-know-where-the-tan-ends-and-where-the-dirt-begins look.   Exhausted and tired.

“So, Mom, what have you been up to today?” as he watched me pound away on the laptop.

“Oh, just a lot of little things.  Paid bills, ran to Pratt and saw Mermaid, went to Attica to pick up the….oh no!…the beef! ” I screamed as I ditched my project and pushed by him. “It’s still in the car!”

“So how long has it been in there?”

I glanced at the clock.  I could see we had trouble with a capital T-bone, right here in Thaw Out City.

As I darted out the door,  I yelled “3 1/2 hours!”   He followed, as he mentally began plans to check me into the closest memory care facility.

We watched as the hatchback of the Blueberry revealed four huge sacks with condensation glistening on the packages-still frozen!  Simultaneously we let out our breaths at the same time, thanking God big time!  Cole jerked a little and bolted into action.

“We’ve got to get these in the freezer NOW!”

Later, with the cargo safely stowed away in its new home, we collapsed, dumbfounded.

Even with the PT Cruiser’s tinted windows and the blankets that were underneath the meat, I should have created a scene for a whole new book project titled Blood on the Bricks: Murder on Washington Street.  The protagonist is  named…hmmm….Wilder Harris.  A devastatingly handsome ex-FBI agent, who was let go due to a dark secret….

Oh great, here we go again…..

The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day nor the moon at night.  The Lord will keep watch over you from all harm–he will watch over your life.  The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.  Psalm 121: 5-8

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