The Wart Hog in My Kitchen

On my porch was delivered a box.  A flat rate postal box.  The return address was familiar, but I had expected a manilla envelope.  Hmmmm????

Friends of mine with the radio ministry God’s Great Outdoors were recently in Alaska and visited Knights Taxidermy, the location for one of my favorite shows Mounted In Alaska.  If you have read the blog post called My Weird Irrational Fear, you know the story that I used to freak with stuffed critters.  I could not enter the Kansas Fish and Game Museum at all, much less eat a meal at Busters.  Much to the relief of my family, I no longer have the fear.  Gerry and Cyndi could not help thinking of me as they roamed amongst the mounts, so they messaged me that an autographed photo of the show’s crew was on its way to my doorstep.

Nestled in packing peanut, this was not expected.  A skull!   Perplexed I twirled this big long headbone, and I wondered what it had been connected to and my current choice of friends.

I’ve messed with my fair share of cow skulls, deer noggins, and buffalo craniums.  Growing up with all the bones lying around our ranch I had dreams of constructing a dinosaur of epic proportions.  Even tried a time or two. This looked nothing like that.  There was no note explaining it, but I found  the promised picture packed in the bottom.  Something good was a foot because I trusted my friends’ character too much to doubt them.

Later, I  learned it was an African wart hog boar.   Yes, Pumba was on my counter with his destiny to belong to our nephew.  You see, Gerry knew about my nephew.  Noah is as wise as an old owl when it comes to fur, feathers, and fins.  He should be a consultant for the Animal Planet Channel.  When he was a little guy he used to wear a full tiger suit around in 100 degree heat and spoke in animal languages.  Dr. Doolittle has to be in his family line somewhere.  This is his thing.

On the other hand, school is not.  This summer his dad and him are playing a little catch up.  Clay has him researching  his skull collection, finding tracks, and reading up on the unfortunate varmint in question.  He is taking to it like a hummingbird to nectar, a bat to a swarm of mosquitoes, an anaconda to Marlin Perkins…..

My question is this:  What has been in the box you have opened recently that you didn’t expect and sure didn’t understand?  Have you wondered ‘why me?’ or said ‘Lord, I just flat don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this?’  And we know this that in all things God works for the good of those who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28.   Having faith in his character is our path through the jungle of questions and intense emotions.  It’ll be all good-somehow, someway.

Even ol’ Pumba had no idea that he would have more purpose in his life than just running around the Seren Gedi, singing Hakuna Matada.   He couldn’t have dreamed he would have the privilege of traveling half way around the world to help a boy in Kansas have a whole world of reading and learning open up to him.   Only God could come up with a plan this original for his glory!  No worries, indeed.


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