The Queen of the S.S. Overkill

Do you ever go overboard?  I mean to the point that no life-preserver can save you from drowning in the sea of indulgence?  On many occasions I do.  I don’t even realize I have turned blue until its necessary for CPR to be performed, preferably by my husband.   If I was Gilligan, I would hoard all the coconuts, because if the Professor needed one to make a radio, I would want to make sure he had 6.  Just in case.

As one of my favorite Bible Study leaders confesses, her last name is “Moore” because she in her husband are prone to think this way.  Ironically my mom’s maiden name is the same.  The “Moore” curse seems to run rampant.

Not all the time, though.  It’s just ever so often the curse strikes when I least expect it.  For example, don’t introduce me to a new craft idea, because I think in order to do an amazing job I need to wipe out Hobby Lobby of every sticker pack, rainbows of stamp pads, and a fleet of scissors that will cut squiggles, wiggles, zigs and zags.  Don’t send me to the fabric department or I will walk out with enough fabric to whip up whip up sails for the Nina, the Pinta and Santa Maria while a quilt waits for me to finish this wedding gift for my daughter from 5 years.  At times when I have been swamped with life I have actually attempted to tan a deer hide or take a class on wheat weaving.  Cliff will give me the ‘look’ that says I have just set sail on the Crazy Cruise and say, “You don’t even have time to trim your daughter’s bangs.  When are you going to have time to weave wheat?”  Sense will break through the squall and no stalks will be turned into straw angels that day.

Through the years, I have learned some restraint…..kind of.

This year it snuck up on me again.  When I opened my Christmas gift from Cliff, it really should have had yellow police tape in a nice bow across the package that said, “WARNING: POINT OF NO RETURN”.   To my defense I was an unsuspecting victim as I pulled back the camo overalls in a big box used to throw me off track.  A Kindle Fire lit up my eyes.  The Holy Grail to a book addict.

Let the downloading begin!  Absolutely the first item was a Bible, because I am a huge study nerd.  For months I slobbered over when their ‘free book’ alerts showed up on my Facebook feed.  Now I can partake to my heart’s desire! Of course favorite authors needed to find a place in my e-world. Classics I have always had a hankering for screamed my name.   Since I live three blocks from our town museum I had to devour The Use and Need of the Life of Carry Nation.  How could my home of 21 years forgive me if I did not know the history of its famous temperance crusader? 100 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know encouraged me to tuck these words of truth in my heart.  ( I’m trying to talk myself into believing my lack of self-control is countered by a holy element.  Yes, I think my tilted halo is straightening just a titch with this selection.)

Fiction, non-fiction, and about every genre has jumped on my Kindle.   Ahh…the good intentions have sent a charge of excitement through me much like the one I would get as my huge stack of coupons would tick down my grocery bill when I was in my extreme coupon phase.

Thankfully, as time goes on, perspective is winning out. Don’t get me wrong.  I really, really like this gift.  It is so handy and does just about everything but make a radio out of coconut—wait it has Pandora, so no coconut needed.  How handy to slip it in my purse and take it with me to read my Bible in the church pew or riding with Cliff in his work truck.  It is a tool God has blessed me with and is to be used to his glory, but not in competition to time spent with Him.

I admit some mornings I have gotten more excited to find out what bar Carry Nation was sharpening her hatchet to smash when I went to sleep than any good advice the book of Philippians has to offer.  That’s when I started reminding myself of how cool God is and tell him about his attributes and character.  Suddenly the Kindle and Carry fade away.   Truly, nothing has the ability to kindle a lasting, unquenchable, and perfect fire in any of us, but Jesus.  He thrills my heart and gives me what it takes to breathe deeply and fully as He reaches out his hand to rescue me from me.

“Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him.  I will protect protect him for he acknowledges my name.” Psalm 91:14



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