“That’s So Fake!”

Image(Before I start this post, I have to let the subscribers know where I have been for the last 5 months.  No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, but have been engulfed in a writing adventure that has thrilled my heart at every corner.  It’s been been far from easy, but so powerful and transforming in so many ways. I’ve had my head-spinning as a student of all sorts of writing books.  I’m only a few weeks from having my rough draft of a Christian novel as polished as I know how to get it and proceeding to find an agent. Other adventures have crossed our paths, but those are things blogs are made of.  After several comments at a recent reunion of people missing the blogs, it confirmed the niggling I had been having to pick it up again. So here I am with a goal of at least one a week.  Please keep me accountable and please pray for God to be glorified in all I do.)

That’s So Fake!”

Remember when the movie Twister came out?  Starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt it was filmed northern Oklahoma–just down the road and across the state line from us.  Rarely, does anything that exciting happen around here unless it’s an occasional Martina McBride siting or when Ted Turner bought an area ranch and rumors flew about who saw him in the truck stop with what star of the moment on his arm.

A natural intrigue fired with promises of huge strides in technology to create life-like thrills on the screen through this classic tornadic movie. How could one miss this?  After much discussion the concern of whether our younger kids should see this was stuffed in the storm shelter. The night it hit the local drive-in we loaded up the old blue conversion van with young’uns and headed to be wow-ed. Storm clouds brewed and thunder rumbled while someone shared somewhere a tornado actually ripped through a movie screen during the showing of this movie.

Cliff said, “This has to be the most ridiculous thing we have ever done.”

“Oh no, it’s great special effects!” I countered.

So the movie started and was we were blown away, thrill-wise, except for Misty.  Her little third grade body was shoved between Cliff and I.  On the screen high speed chases insued as the storm chasers tried to set the silver drum of radio sensor balls in the cyclonic beast’s path.  Nary a breath was breathed in the van.

A cow suddenly was plucked up and tumbled through the air.

“That’s so fake!”  Misty sat up straight and shook her white blond bob.  “I can’t believe how fake this is! Can’t anyone else see it?”  She’d point out each incident with great passion. No matter what semi flew through the air, almost wiping out our weather heroes or if they hung on to pipes while the barn was snatched up around them, she seemed to be in constant disgust.  Her anger that they would even attempt to slip this past here was vicious, therefore ruining it all for the rest of us.

Yesterday this memory hit me.  Why has it taken this long to see what was really happening in the van?  In order to not get sucked up by the drama, this was our child’s defense.  The constant tearing apart of something that was too close to comfort was the way to protect herself.

Do you supposed that’s why some people are so angry when the name of Jesus gets brought up?  They are protecting themselves, scared He will be too much for them?  And in the process try to dissuade everyone else around them?.

Do you find yourself doing that?  This morning I sat on my unusually cool porch, the remnant of a very powerful storm that roared through last night.  For a long time I have been scared to pray a prayer God has been laying on my heart.  Since I have experienced God’s faithfulness when I have asked, but also have the experience of having no control of how He’s going to work, that frightens the Doplar Radar right out of me.  Most times my world has been amazed by how He’s shown Himself, but what if I lose something I love or I’m disappointed or ……..

So, I’m praying “Lord, help me to get where I can pray………” until I’m actually brave enough to do it.  And, when I do, I will be so relieved and wonder why I was so hesitant.

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all his ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.  Proverbs 3:5-6

Photo credit: My buddy, Darryl Musgrove with The Mother Ship.