Choosing to Sport A Sunflower Tude


As my husband and I drive down dusty back roads, everything looks so drab and blah.  All the crops and grasses are now crisp, having been branded by not one, but two, hot summers where the rains have not given us more than a few quick glances and moved on.  We pray for plentiful showers and celebrate any spritz of marinade to lock in the moisture of life. 

Sadness stamps our conversation.  We native Kansans have not seen anything like this in our half century of experience. 


…waving furiously to distract our attention, a multitude of brilliant yellow sunbonnets stretch their vibrant green stalks from the wide bar ditches.   While all vegetation surrounding them curls into scorched, gnarled fists, these flowers stand proudly, their heads held high. 

“Don’t the sunflowers look bigger and brighter than usual?” I ask.  Cliff agrees. 

Why have they not succumbed to the dismal circumstances?  It makes no sense.  Sturdy trees are dying and our grass is memory, but they continue to flash dazzling smiles.

Then, long forgotten trivia shines radiance on the question.  Sunflowers heads always follow the sun.  As the fiery ball travels from the east horizon to the west, their joyful faces track the light. At night the petals fold to block out the darkness, preparing for the next ray to split the night and guide them through the next day of drought, blow dryer blasts of wind, or the harshness of a rain torrents.  (Yes, we still believe in those.)

Locking our gaze to follow the Son, may we choose not to let the circumstances not define us, and our faces radiate His glory.

Jesus spoke again tot he people.  He said, ” I am the light of the word. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  John 8:12

PS-When I began to scratch this thought out last Saturday, little did I know how desperately I would need this lesson in my faith arsenal.  Once again, he is faithful to guide our paths through the scorching times. Keep an eye out for the next blogpost.  What a doozy of a week! 



One thought on “Choosing to Sport A Sunflower Tude

  1. Once again I am amazed at the wisdom God bestowed upon you to convey His simple yet profound truths. The everyday things that we take for granted! Thanks for giving me this analogy – it will make my next 8 mile trip to town that much brighter! Love ya’ girl – keep that face to the Lord, even while in the ditch of life – so others can marvel 😉

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