When You’ve Realized You’ve Lost It

How often do you lose something?  Misplace or simply forget where you put that item?  Or has someone moved it? You tear through your possessions, hidey-holes, and seek out corners you haven’t graced with your presence in years?

Sunday, my beloved decided the ceiling fan, purchased last spring, would finally be installed in our living room.  As he dragged in the ladder and assembled all expected tools, he asked, “Have you seen that silver box I sat on the kitchen counter?”

“What does it look like?”  I scratch my head, mentally rummaging through where I might have placed the piles of nuts, bolts, wadded scraps of paper, etc, that land on my kitchen counter after he comes in the door.

“Well, it’s yea tall and yea wide.”  (This is oilfield-ese for:  the dimensions of anything  from the size of a roll of electrical tape to a 20 foot tank battery.)  With the benefit of descriptive hand gestures, I translate the box is 3 inches by 3 inches.   Of course, it  must be found. It is a critical piece, the base for the fixture to attach to.

“When did you set it here?”

“Well, I brought it home from the hardware store, probably two weeks ago.”

I had to have had the most dumbfounded look.  A lot has gone on in my kitchen in that time period.  Not only normal use, like fixing meals, but when our grand baby came to visit, half the town trooped through.  And, remember the little cousins, who created all sorts of masterpieces with the home-made play dough I cranked out to entertain them?

The kitchen is our home’s hub—you can’t just lay something down and expect it still to be there two weeks later.

The kicker is: This isn’t our first rodeo.  Yep, it’s been repeated  for over 30 years, but thankfully, the occurrences have tapered off with time.

But, guess who is guilty as well.  There are times I gallivant through life and set God on the counter.  I blaze through my days with courtesy prayers and great intentions to get back to Him at a more convenient time.

Then, when I slow down and sort through the chaos, I panic, expecting our relationship to pick up right where I left it.

But, the stuff life is made of has cluttered me up during my furlough, requiring me to back up and humbly seek Him with all my heart before I can sense the attachment to Him.

Nevertheless, He is always waiting—ready for me to miss him enough to come flying back—hoping the frustrating occurrences will taper off in time.

So how amazing is his love? –Always yea high and yea wide.

But when he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.  Luke 15:20

photo credit: http://getsocialwithamy.com


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