Grabbing the Manna While It’s There

“You are only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it,”~Robin Williams.

Boy, how I wish I would have heeded his warning (minus the Mork suspenders) more often than I can recall.

You see, I’m trying to reconstruct scratchy rememberings from what was destined to be my most brilliant writings. How those pieces promised to a dazzle with amazing insight and revolutionary wisdom! Oh yes, they would have surely warranted being engraved on indestructible stone tablets or at least embroidered on pillow tops.

But alas, they are forever lost, simply because I failed to grasp the gifts with return addresses straight from heaven.

Whether it concerns writing, or life offering the chance to extend a kindness or a ministry opportunity, can you relate to not have not taken advantage of the moment because we’re frankly too busy? Most of the time I chose to check Facebook for ‘only a couple of minutes’ or vow to fight through the tenaciously curled throw-paper to search for something of worth. After 22+ years of it showing up in the yard every Wednesday, there has yet to reveal anything newsworthy. 

Or what about the times we’re just not in the mood’ to do whatever we’re being nudged towards? 

Or sometimes my bed is too warm and has me hugged in too tight to sprint with the glorious revelations that try to elbow through the thick veil between sleep and awake. They are so cutting-edge that how could I possibly forget these ‘ta-da’ moments in my clearer hours?

But regardless of our seemingly wonderful reasons, they are on a timer and vaporize into a ‘you snooze, you lose’ experience. The results being us wandering aimlessly in a desert without so much of a crumb of direction, and we sink up to our knees in drifts of frustration?  ‘Why won’t God talk to me?’ and ‘what am I supposed to do next? If He’ll just point me on the right trail,’ we lament.

But we aren’t alone. Isn’t it funny how when we focus on the children of Israel’s desert jaunt, we zone in on the greedy Guses, who snagged more manna than they could handle with the excess turning to worms. (At least, they could  rifle through the Fear Factor Cookbook for a hearty maggot stew, if needed.) But not one word is said about the ones that were too busy, or tired, or not in the mood to get their homers out the door before the sun evaporated it.  There is nothing to tell. 

When we don’t dash Indiana Jones style before the blessing door slams, we are just as guilty. To be obedient to those flickers, there is an attitude required.  It moves past the warm covers and the thought, “If I get up and lose sleep to do this, I will pay for this in the morning.”  Or ‘this will put me behind.  It’s not on my to-do list.’  Or  ‘I’m just not feelin’ it right now.’  Or any excuse we can conjure up.

You see, when we are obedient, either God works out the kinks for us or, at some point, gives us the grace to trust that it was worth the effort. Yes, we must grab the manna while we can.

So next to my bed, I have my lighted pen ready. I truly hope Cliff has to sleepily question by the blue glow of the computer screen, ‘why are you up?’, and that napkins and scraps of paper litter my pockets and purse with quickly jotted insight.  And that someone can say, ‘that Mrs. Long took the time and was kind today when I lost my Science homework,’ or ‘Kelly stopped and prayed for me.’ Oh Lord, let it be so!

“But Samuel replied, “Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the Lord?”

*Since we all struggle in this, help us out with what handy tips you can share on how to be obedient to His voice?


3 thoughts on “Grabbing the Manna While It’s There

  1. Great post, Kel!!!

    If it’s something like calling or sending a card, I try & do it ASAP. At the least, I will put it on my “to-do list”. Another thing that has helped me is to share with someone. My kids are a perfect example. If I say, “Hey, we’re gonna help raise money for orphans living in the Ukraine.” Then I’m more susceptible to follow through because I’m now accountable. And as far as great thoughts, I’ve been trying to use the recorder on my phone to speak things I don’t have time to write down, especially when driving 😉

  2. The Bible has many references to being obedient and the effects it will have on your life. Although there are different versions of the Bible, the meanings of these scriptures are still the same. Knowing what the Bible says about being obedient may have a positive effect on your spiritual walk. You will also gain a deeper understanding of what Christianity entails and the expectations that go along with it.

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