For the Love of Charlie Cat

Charlie“Cliff, do you have a burning desire to know what our cat is trying to tell us?” I asked nonchalantly while I flipped through a magazine. “Here’s an article to enlighten us on Charlie’s behaviors.”

Cliff leveled a skeptical look over his readers at me.

I took that as a ýes’, because after 30 years together, he knew I would tell him anyway. “Like if Charlie were to ever rub his head on us, that means he’s happy and is showing his joy by spreading his scent on us.”

“Then he must not be happy often. Does it mention him head butting us?”

“No. It does talk about hissing,” I volunteered.

“Charlie doesn’t hiss. He grumbles.”

“So true. Änd I can’t find a thing about him attacking your hand when you try to pet him”.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement. Our little angel, who appeared to be a dead ringer for the cat in the article’s photo, was pulling a pair of sewing shears out of a basket by his teeth. He dragged it a couple of feet away and proceeded to gnaw on the orange handles like a teething puppy. Crazy cat.

Cliff added, “Whoever wrote this has never met Charlie.”

Aside from his assassin skills when it comes eradicating mice, most of the time, Sir Charles thinks he’s a dog. He tags after us in the yard and will voluntarily load up in the pick-up to go for a drive. He loves to leisurely lay in the rain–if you can ever catch him being still. Most of the time, he’s running laps through the house and would be a fitness drill sargent, if P90X existed in a kitty edition.

At other times, he is just weird. He mutters and comes to tell us if anyone is out the door. He doesn’t meow–ever. He taps our calves with his paws–sometimes with claws slightly engaged–to get our attention. Cuddling is a love of his, but don’t try to stroke him or you will pull back a bloody stub. On these occasions We scratch our heads and wonder why we put up with him.

But there is no use understanding him. He’s simply Charlie. His uniqueness is why we put up with his not-so-adorable quirks. Other cats have come and gone, more for necessity of living in a vintage house, but Sir Charles we love because he doesn’t fit into a normal cat mold.

Do you supposed that’s why God loves us so much? Maybe he formed us all with such unique characteristics so we stand out in a myriad of ways to capture his heart? The older I get the more I understand and embrace that I am who I am with talents, gifts, graces, and interests sometimes quite different than those around me. And that is what God intended all along.

Not only did he plan for us to hit the scene even before the foundations of the world were laid, he formed us down to our tippy-toes and he perceives our deepest thoughts. (Psalm 139)

And despite the claws of our sin attacking him on occasion or our aloofness to his affections, he continues to love and delight in us. Who can understand why?

But I’m so glad he does, don’t you?

The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17


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