When Life is Chipping Away, Remember Chippie

Only this sized Chippie would be safe at my house.

Only this sized Chippie would be safe at my house.

One of my favorite stories is Why Chippie Doesn’t Sing Much Anymore by Marvin Phillips. A lady in Texas was vacuuming the cage of her parakeet, Chippie. The phone rang, she turned, and ZIP, Chippie disappeared into the sweeper’s abyss. She rushed to open the canister, and sure enough, there sat Chippie–a little dazed and filthy, but alive.

In a panic, the owner ran Chippie to the sink and stuck him under a full-blast of water. If that wasn’t enough, she grabbed the blow dryer, set on HOT/HIGH and fired away.

When the news picked up the story, the reported asked how Chippie was doing. The reply was, “Well, he doesn’t sing much anymore. He just kind of sits and stares.”

Do you feel like Chippie? Have disappointments and disasters sucked the life out of you? Or maybe you’re not able to wrap words around the problem, but something is not right. You just feel bleh. Your song has left you.

To break the grip of discouragement, I believe there is something to the singing. Doesn’t Scripture say if we cry out to God, He hears us? It works when it comes to prayer, so why not put our pleas to music?

If we sing, don’t you think God’s dial would be constantly set to frequency 100.% MY CHILD, featuring Today’s State of the Heart? For example, let’s look at the prison worship leaders, Paul and Silas. Here they were beat to thunder, unsure of the future, and up way past their bedtimes. They had no reason to pump up the prison jam, but they forged past the wounds, worries and weight of exhaustion. They ‘were praying and singing hymns to God, and other prisoners were listening. Suddenly there was such an earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open and everybody’s chains came loose.” Acts 16:25-26. God blessed their sacrificial offering so explosively that he set the captives free and saved a freaked out jailor and his entire family in the process.

How guilty I am of forgetting the power in the praise. Are you? There is a preciousness in the private, where one can blow the cobwebs out of your pipes and off your soul. And it’s one thing to sing alone, but at church with this voice, I always feel like I need to extend a heartfelt apology to the poor souls who sit in front of me. I tend to crawl into my muffled hole and not grasp that this is a voice God created like none other–one that is so special, He made it only so He would appreciate it. Mix it in others in this elite club, and I trust Him to balance out the tone with His divine mixer.

And what about those gifted ones who sing like canaries? You get to bless those who hear in ways that cannot be fathomed. The point is to do what He has called us to do: Sing to thrill him. It’s that simple

No matter what the circumstance, God has got the bases covered for us –even when we are wounded, worried, and have the weight of exhaustion bearing down hard.

So my friend, do you think you could muster up a little tune? Are you desperate for an earthquake to shake your situation and set you free? If so, when you eek out some praise, remember that He is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

He sings over us….how I love the sound of that promise!


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