Who’s Your Hero? A Quest for the Super-est

Our Bat Bren is our favorite earthly super hero!

Our Bat Bren is our favorite earthly super hero!

A one liner, discharged forward through a word web, intending to capture a laugh. Instead, it wrapped my thoughts in a cocoon of pondering.

All week we had saturated our TV viewing with topics this season is famous for: NCAA basketball and all things biblical. Mix in my arch-enemy, Seasonal Allergies, and my energy was reduced to a couch littered with piles of soggy tissues and eyeballs begging to be plucked out and floated in a sea of ice water. Sigh. My aggressive plans had been rendered helpless against the powers of pollen.

Cliff, Cole and I caught up on DVRed episodes of the History Channel’s The Bible. We reveled in the highlighted parts that are rarely addressed and sparred with each other over discrepancies, flexing our biblical knowledge and interpretive muscles on a truth’s intriguing quest. We forged through the gauntlet of the challenge of actually living the Ten Commandments and watched lasers penetrate the Shroud of Turin in a pursuit for authenticity. This was like a magnetic force that only allowed for bathroom breaks and another dose of Allegra.

At the appointed time, we switched to grasp the electrifying phenomenon that is the Wichita State Shockers. Fear the Wheat, Baby! (said in my best Dick Vitale voice). Oh how these underdogs have flown past formidable foes on a golden bolt to victory!

And our beloved heroes, the Kansas Jayhawks, fought their last game as strong as Hercules and as accurate as Apollo’s arrows, until some kryptonite must have filtered in through the arena’s vents. Those last five minutes their flaming chariot wheels fell off one by one. Our Invincibles morphed back into their original forms of 19-20 something mere mortals, students in the college of Maturity 101.

Then on Easter afternoon, while I was cleaning up for feasting, my guys went off the grid and turned to fighting the forces of evil with the movie The Avengers. Bedazzled in the most spectacular costumes—evidently a prerequisite for super-hero and Greek god status—each have muscle–ripped specialized gifts they activate against-all-odds sinister evil. (Insert deep chest rumbling ba-ha-ha-ha diabolical laugh here) Spandex must be the ultimate power source and shield.

That’s when I heard it.

The clang of iron clashed as the champions fought valiantly against just was spectacularly dressed villains. Captain America, with his star-spangled chest, announces, “There is only one God, and he doesn’t dress like that!” (Since Captain America would know how we were founded, I went with the big G ‘God.’ here)

When Jesus walked the earth, flashy dressing was about as far from his mind as a glittered cape is from cut-offs. If his time had been this current day, I imagine he’d been in faded jeans, a wash softened t-shirt and well-worn boots. In fact Isaiah predicted that “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” (53:5)

So what was his spectacular WOW factor?

Ask the woman at the well, and she’d tell you that his gaze seared right through her defenses, rivaling any high- tech lasers. A touch that healed countless needy souls of whatever infirmity attacked, and a voice that cast away many a demon hurled at him, honestly, who could combat those powers? And wouldn’t you like to know what magic was in the words he scrawled in the sand that made the stone-wielding accusers of the adulterous woman fade into the woodwork? A cape of grace was thrown over her AND the jerks ready to hang her out to dry to advance their own agenda. Who could have true peace if not for blood, so love-charged it made our damning sin vanish like a phantom?

Makes all the webs, wings, lasers, spandex, flowing locks, magic ropes, super-charged thigh high boots seem kind of pathetic, huh?

But wait there is more! Jesus had held back his styling for his future Grand Finale! Revelation 19 lavishes on us about his eyes like blazing fire and on his head will be many crowns. Sporting the latest in fashion, his robe will be ombre dipped in blood and he will be riding in on a magnificent white stallion. His army will follow and trumpets will be fan faring to be the band! After explaining this in more detail than I just did, I find it interesting that when the clash with ‘the beast’ and his ya-hoos, it only says ‘together they make war. But the beast is captured…..’

Zip! Bang! Boom! Bif! He wins! Jesus brushes his hands and calmly goes about the business of ruling his glory-lit Kingdom.

Holy Savior! What more of a Superhero does anyone need?

(Photo of our favorite earthly grand-super guy, Bat Bren!)


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